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DLIFLC is a multi-service school for active and reserve components, foreign military students, and civilian personnel working in the federal government and various law enforcement agencies.

New Students

Learn about how to become a linguist at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, one of the most elite educational institutions in Department of Defense.


Come teach one of the 24 foreign languages taught at DLIFLC in beautiful Monterey, California and be a part of one of the largest language schools in the world.


Read about DLIFLC alumni, some of the most influential people in government and academia today. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Dr. Michael Vickers is a 1979 Spanish course graduate.

Student Life

Find out about some of the activities that take place outside of the classroom at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California.

DLIFLC Color Run

The DLIFLC SHARP / SAPR programs brought Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month to a close in colorful style today at Soldier Field on the Presidio of Monterey. A few hundred service members from all four branches were on hand for the run, and many vowed to do it again next year.


DLIFLC maintains overseas and home-station immersion programs in nearly 20 languages. Students who maintain a high GPA may get a chance to spend one month immersed in a foreign country.

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Latest News from DLIFLC

Army inspector general visits DLIFLC


May 21, 2015

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center welcomed Lt. Gen. David Quantock, the Inspector General of the U.S. Army, to the institute on…


Vietnamese teacher reflects on journey to DLIFLC

Vietnamese teacher reflects on journey to DLIFLC

May 19, 2015

Every year on Language Day at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center Margarita Thao Nguyen, a Vietnamese teacher in the institute’s…


DLIFLC celebrates Language Day 2015

A student at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center performs a traditional Korean fan dance May 8. DLIFLC held Language Day 2015 at the Presidio of Monterey, California, to promote and encourage cultural understanding and customs found around the world.

May 11, 2015

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center held Language Day 2015 at the Presidio of Monterey, California, May 8 to promote and encourage cultural understanding and…


Language Day 2015

The Chinese Traditional Dragon Dance performed by Chinese language students. DLIFLC Commandant, Col. David K. Chapman welcomes all the participants, students and guests to Language Day 2015. Turkish Dance "Leylim Halay". Spanish "El Toro Pinto". Iraqi Song and Dance "Khala ya Khala". Japanese Traditional "Bon" Dance. Persian "Akh Joon" Song, Classic and Folk Dance. Indian performers posing for the camera. Russian Music Fusion performance. Russian Music Fusion performance. Traditional Henna painting. Tagalog Cultural Display Colombian Music And Dance "Cumbia". Korean Fan Dancers, always a favorite at Language Day. Afghan National Dance "Attan" Language Day crowd at Soldier Field. Vietnamese Wedding Song performance. Mexican Traditional Dance "Viejitos" A Vietnam Veteran salute. Vietnamese performer greets a Vietnam Veteran DLIFLC Commandant, Col David K. Chapman and Assistant Commandant, Col. Ginger Wallace tell Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home! Korean Percussion and Dance "SamulNon". Afghan performers pose for the camera. Russian performers pose for the camera. Korean students practice calligraphy in the classroom demo. Japanese students make origami in the classroom demo. Visitors learn Chinese songs in the classroom demo. Persian Farsi students interact with visitors in the classroom demo. Visitors learn about the Philippines at the cultural display.
DLIFLC Commandant, Col David K. Chapman and Assistant Commandant, Col. Ginger Wallace tell Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home!

Basic Language & Culture

    • Rapport
    • Rapport includes six to eight hours of language and culture pre-deployment training. It is mandatory training for all civilian and military Army personnel deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan. Available in Dari, Pashto, Iraqi, Swahili, Hausa, Portuguese, French, Modern Standard Arabic, and Korean.
    • Headstart2
    • Headstart2 is 80 to 100 hours of self-study pre-deployment instruction designed for the training of one small unit leader per platoon. The lessons contain interactive tasks, language-specific pronunciation guides, and cultural familiarization and orientation modules. Headstart2 is available in a stand alone (DVD format) or on-line version.
    • Cultural Orientation
    • Cultural Orientation introduces a given cultural group, combining brief language exchanges with an objective and practical look at daily life in different contexts. Topics include religion, traditions, family life and differences in the lifestyles of urban and rural populations.
    • Countries In Perspective
    • These country studies begin with a country profile containing basic facts, followed by a more detailed discussion on geography, history, economy, society and security.
    • Swahili Familiarization
    • This self-paced, interactive introductory language course in Swahili uses videos and multimedia activities to introduce Swahili language and culture. Topics include: basic greetings, travel phrases, numbers, time, currency, and making appointments, among others.
    • Language Survival Kits
    • Language Survival Kits include text, audio recordings, and translations for up to 3,000 mission-related phrases.
    • Legends & Folktales
    • Short animated stories in English that introduce famous myths, legends, and folktales from cultures across the globe to enhance cross-cultural literacy and provide insight into societies


  • Online Diagnostic Assessment
  • Take an online test to estimate language proficiency in reading or listening. ODA helps learners determine the subject areas and language specifics to improve, with customized suggestions for GLOSS lessons to help reach proficiency goals.
  • Cultural Awareness Assessment
  • Test your familiarity with a particular society, including geographic facts, major religions, history, security situation, social customs, and basic survival phrases in the dominant language of the region.
DLIFLC produces most of the language materials used for our basic and advanced courses. These products and other language materials are available for pre-deployment training, deployment use and refresher studies. The majority of DLIFLC products are publicly available through this website. View All Resources Here

Language Enhancement

    • Global Language Online Support System
    • GLOSS The Global Language Online Support System offers thousands of lessons in dozens of languages for independent learners to improve their foreign language skills. Lessons are available for intermediate and advanced learners, with the ability to focus on specific topic areas, tailored for building listening and reading proficiency.
    • Weekly Training Events
    • Organized in four hour blocks, these in-depth GLOSS lessons are designed to help Command Language Program Managers provide packaged materials to professional linguists.
    • Advanced North Korean
    • These supplementary materials for North Korean dialect language learning can be incorporated into basic, intermediate, or advanced courses to provide students with cultural and regional information about North Korea.
    • Phone Conversations
    • Familiarity with regional dialects and realistic dialogues is key to achieving advanced listening proficiency. This site contains more than 300 casual phone conversations in non-standard dialects of Spanish and Arabic. Arabic materials also include lesson plans for classroom use.
    • Accents Library
    • Available in Spanish and Arabic, this product offers a collection of audio files read in both “standard” language, and in several regional accents to illustrate dialect variations that occur in everyday speech.
    • Arabic Grammar Search
    • Have you forgotten a fine point of Arabic grammar? The Arabic Grammar Search takes you inside the language with complete A-Z search and help functions.

Featured DLIFLC Videos

See why the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) is regarded as one of the finest schools for foreign language instruction in the nation. As part of the Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), the Institute provides resident instruction at the Presidio of Monterey...
The commanding general of the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., says the future of the military lies in better education, more cultural awareness and language skills training, and the ability to prevent conflict and shape outcomes that lead to peaceful solutions.

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0_DLI_Pict_History_FRONT.pubA Pictorial History of DLIFLC (available in PDF only) includes a brief overview followed by eight chapters that outline the development and evolution of the Institute and its predecessors using archival images and brief narrative captions. >download pdf.
AA Degree General Information The AA Degree is based on the successful completion of studies in foreign language major in residence at DLIFLC (Monterey, CA). >Download .PDF
DLIFLC General Catalog Please note: All catalog years are listed. If the year you need is not listed, please see the catalog prior to that year. Example: If you want to look at information for 2005 courses, see the 2003 General Catalog. These files range in size from 25 to 46 MB.
You will need ADOBE® READER to view these PDF files. Current General Catalog: >2013-2014 Current Catalog


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